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About Us

Shei Hygiene Products (P) Ltd is established in the year 2019 with its registered office at Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, Kerala and production unit at Arakkappady,

The company is initiated by a group of professionals, they attained there innovative ideas, knowledge and know-how during their long career in numerous arenas in India and abroad.

We are determined to make eco-friendly hygiene products by using alternative and high quality materials and zero-waste production. Our mission is to create hygiene products that are virtuous for our body, environment, and community.

We were motivated by the idea of improving women’s healthiness and unrestricted access to sanitary pads in India. We were fervent about making a product that is sustainable using eco-friendly materials, for improving the lives, which impacts a women, who was affected by having to face the restrictions around menstrual hygiene in India.

We were enthused by the prospective to make a positive difference for women in India while using an innovative approach focused on ecology and sustainability. Together we combined our experiences to conceive and develop a product model which also can compete with multinational brands.

Our team has professional, methodological, and indigenous expertise to develop new products. We aim to apply this to other absorbent products such as baby diapers and adult diapers.

Many consumers have issues with irritation or rashes from the materials in standard pads. When disposed of, Shei pads degrade within six months – 1000 times faster than plastic pads! Since Shei pads don’t contain chemicals, they provide a rash and irritation free experience.

Most plastic sanitary pads use chlorine-bleached wood pulp as an absorbent, while most other eco-friendly pads use cotton. SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) absorbs ten times liquid than cotton. Most importantly, SAP is also used for agricultural use for maintaining crop quality, appropriate soil conditions, efficient management of manures and fertilizers etc.